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Essay writing is a common task for students pursuing degrees in various academic fields. Nevertheless, it always requires a certain level of creativity, and inspiration is a capricious thing to rely on. Do not struggle still getting a poor result, just hire us to help to write an essay for you!

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Will I Get a Unique Text if I Order Essay Help Online?

No one needs help with an essay that will be flagged as plagiarized after a Turnitin check, and we are fully aware of that. That is why we check every essay via our specially developed software to make sure it is 100% original. This database does not save papers, so they will never appear online. We never reuse essays and you are the only one who can save and use the text completed for you. Finally, the completed paper can be accessed only after you log in to your personal page, meaning that Turnitin will never show any plagiarism after your professor checks your paper. So, no worries for originality if you order assignments to be done by our company.

Can We Help with Essay Writing if …

Obviously, essay writing is not only about completion of 5-paragraph pieces. There are 4 main types of essays and it is necessary to know the requirements for your particular one as well as have the well-developed writing skill to complete it. Even though essay writing is often underappreciated, this is far not an easy task and it will be a wise decision to hire someone for essays writing help.

Critical analysis is something that can neither be searched for online nor paraphrased from your mate’s paper, and that is a serious obstacle for those who do not have the required skills or theoretical background. Moreover, critical analysis is the highest level of understanding study materials. On the other hand, some students may be too suspicious to share their personal information with someone, even though the personal data may be the subject of analysis. As far as our company is concerned, we take your privacy serious, and your communication with the essay helper we assign is strictly confidential.
The main point of essay writing is to express one’s personal opinion/attitude towards some issue/event/text etc. Nevertheless, the opinion must have valid arguments with reference to valid academic sources. Sometimes, professors provide the list of sources to be used, but in other cases, students need to spend much time searching for the relevant ones, especially if just one source is not enough. The people we assign for the essay writing help are the professionals and academic degree holders, so they will be able to successfully find the best suitable sources for your particular issue, no matter how many you need. A big plus is that the reference page comes for free with us, no matter how long the list is.
The life of a modern student is busy and in all that hustling and bustling, it is not a surprise to forget about some assignments with deadlines about to expire. So, you may find yourself in a situation when it is 12 AM on the clock, you need to submit a paper in the morning, and you have not started it yet. Ordering help with writing an essay will be the only solution to the issue if you need a good grade. HomeworkDoer.Ca offers high-quality urgent help with deadlines up to 4 hours! Even if you need help with the paper that has several pages and a super-short deadline, we will easily cope with that.

What If Something Goes Wrong About Online Essay Help By HomeworkDoer?

Fixing mistakes is not our favorite job, and that is why we have taken all the necessary preventative measures to make sure you will have a maximally pleasing experience ordering essays help with us. Firstly, we thoroughly select the best professional and experienced homeworkdoers for them to deliver only the highest quality texts for our customers. Secondly, we have made our website maximally comfortable and clear to use in order to minimize the chances of misunderstanding between writers, support team, and our valued customers. Finally, we have developed clear policies and algorithms in order something still goes wrong.


When you pay money for the help with writing essays, you expect the papers to meet your expectations 100%. This is pretty much often, but still not always possible for the first time. Therefore, after you have received the completed assignment, you have 10 days to ask for adjustments and corrections as many times as it is needed. A good thing is that a minimum deadline for revision can be 3 hours, as our writers are willing to make you satisfied as soon as possible.


You pay only for the essay help you are satisfied with, and we consider this a fair deal. If the paper you have received does not meet your expectations, you have the opportunity to start a dispute and get a partial or even a full refund. Your satisfaction means a lot for us, so the dispute department will review each particular case carefully to make the best possible offer for you. You will not only get your money back, but will also get some special personalized offer for the future orders as a compensation, so we will have a chance to improve your impression from HomeworkDoer.Ca.

Plagiarism-Free Guarantee

This is the guarantee that is the least frequently addressed by our customers, who always get original papers. However, it is worth specifying that we fully take the responsibility for unicity of the essay we help with. If you have any proofs of plagiarism, you can come back to us no matter how much time has passed, and either the essay will be redone from scratch at no cost or you will get a refund for it. We will also complete a free Turnitin report (without saving the text to Turnitin database) for the new copy to make sure everything is right.

I Want Someone Particular to Help On Essay, Is It Possible?

No problem! You are the one who provides us with the instructions and you are the one who has the right to choose the best suitable homeworkdoer for writing your task. Usually, once the order is placed and paid, the support team assigns the best available writer who has a degree and experience in the subject the assignment is on. But, if you want to participate in the process, why not? Here is how you may influence the essay help writer for you.

Specific Type of English

Our writers are Canadian, so writing papers in Canadian English comes by default. However, you may be from Canada, but study in an American or European University. In this case, you will need to specify the desired type of English for your paper. There is a separate field in the order form to do that.

Specific Degree of HomeworkDoer

All our writers are Master’s or Ph.D. degree holders and we take their specialty into account while assigning orders to them. However, if you need the essay writer having nothing lower than a Ph.D. level in your field and you want him to have the highest customer satisfaction rate, you are welcome to select top or professional writer category respectively.

Specific Writer Who Did the Previous Task

It often happens that our homeworkdoers win the clients’ hearts. We are glad to see that and to continue their warm relations, customers have an option to request the same writer for the new order. All that is necessary is to indicate the previous order number, and your personal helper, who is already aware of your style of writing and specific demands, will accept your new task.

Is It Okay to Hire Someone for Help with Essays?

We feel your doubts. We know that you are an honest person, who understand the value of education and the necessity to do your best for the self-development. And let us convince you, that there is nothing wrong about ordering academic help.

If you have a management-related major, you might have heard tens of times, that a good manager is not the one who can do everything on themselves, but the one, who can wisely delegate their tasks. That’s the first lesson you should remember while using the HomeworkDoer.Ca service. Moreover, after asking us to complete a task for you, you will gain that experience of remote delegation, which is of a keen value for our post-pandemic used to remote-working business world.

Knowledge is not only about information itself. Theory without practice and soft skills will be of no use. Still, what our professors mostly do is overloading us with theory leaving no time for self-development in terms of socialization, creativity etc. You can fix that, and HomeworkDoers.Ca will gladly assist. While we take care of your essay writing, you may have fun building social connections that will come in handy in your future.

The purpose of hiring an assignment helper is not always just trying to get some free time. Our clients often come for help for the reason they lack understanding and knowledge for the certain essay writing. An interesting fact is that our homeworkdoers can assist you in filling that gap to proceed with the course effectively. Your helper will not only send you the completed paper to download. They will also communicate with you in the process of writing, so you are free to ask questions and get valid responses. Remember, that a big part of our writers are experienced pedagogues, hence are ready to provide you with clear explanations.

So, is the experience of delegating tasks, development of soft skills, building social connections, and gaining knowledge on academic subjects any wrong? We do not think so, neither you do.

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