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Moneyback Policy

The primary aim of online company is to maximally satisfy each client with the service provided.

All clients may send a dispute request to Dispute Department via e-mail and ask for a refund if there is a valid reason for it. Our Dispute Manager approaches each request individually and considers the issue very carefully. The level of our clients’ contentment with the quality of our service makes 96%, according to our latest research. Yet, unfortunately, it is not 100% possible to avoid slight misunderstandings in the work and communication process.

We thank you for choosing us as your homework helpers. Please learn more about our dispute management and refund policy.

When a dispute is open, it takes Dispute Manager up to 14 business days to examine the situation and come up with the most suitable solution to it. Usually Manager replies to a dispute request within 2-7 business days. However, in particular cases, when communication between Client and Manager is hindered for some reason, Manager’s response may take a longer time. Please stay in touch with us during the dispute process so we can find the solution as soon as possible.

Also, please keep in mind that you can open a dispute within 10 days after we delivered the first version of the ordered paper. We do not consider dispute requests that we receive later, and no refund can be issued in such case.

The possible cases when Client can get a refund are the following:

  • Client paid twice for one order. If you made a payment for one order twice, please inform our Support Team about it. We will instantly take the necessary measures to return the second paid sum to your PayPal or bank account. Also, if we notice that a double payment was made via your personal account on this website, our Payment Department will issue the full refund of the second payment in the shortest time possible.
  • Client places two similar orders by mistake but needs only one. In this case and as soon as Support Team notices it, we instantly contact you about this situation and issue the refund of the second order. Or if you notice that earlier, please inform Support Team as soon as possible.
  • If for some reason we could not find a writer to complete your order, we guarantee 100% compensation. Besides, to compensate for inconvenience, we will offer you additional discounts for future order and some special options for free. If we could not find a writer to complete a revision, please contact Dispute Manager via e-mail. Manager considers each case individually and may offer a certain refund for your particular situation.
  • If the order was delivered after the set deadline expired due to the fact that Client had not sent us the materials requested for continuing the work on the order on time, no refund is possible. If the lateness is through our fault and we delivered your order after the deadline expired, you can ask for recalculation of the initial price of the order. For example, if you set the 4-hour deadline but received the order more than 20 minutes later, you may request to recalculate the price in accordance with the price set for the 8-hour deadline. The difference in the two prices will be compensated as the partial refund. If you set the 7-day deadline and received the completed order later, the refund makes up to 10% of the initial price. 

In some cases, due to the complexity of the order, the strict deadline or any technical difficulties, we may ask Client to extend the deadline. If Client agrees and confirms the extension, no refund is possible.

  • If you received the revised paper 30 and more minutes later than the set deadline expired, please contact Dispute Department via e-mail about considering the situation and finding a solution. However, in this case the dispute is considered open and the revision is not possible. Manager reviews the issue within 14 business days and comes up with an individual solution. In such cases the refund makes up to 15% of the initial price of the order. If Client does not give a timely response to our request for deadline extension and this becomes the reason for the lateness on our part, no refund is possible.

If Client is not satisfied with the quality of the work done, the ways to solve this issue are the following:

  • Client may ask for revision. In this case, the order will be revised and re-completed as many times as it takes to improve it in accordance with Client’s requirements. Also, Client can contact Dispute Manager so Manager will examine the issue. For company’s security reasons Manager always asks to provide valid arguments regarding the opening of the dispute, as well as valid proofs of low quality of the completed paper. If Client provides the required evidence on time, the possible refund makes up to 100%.
  • If Client does not contact us within 10 days after we completed the order, we consider that Client has no complaints about the quality of our work. In 10 days no refund is possible.

If Client wants to cancel the order, there are the following options:

  • If Client requests cancellation before we assign a writer, 100% refund is possible.
  • If Client requests cancellation after we assign a writer, but less than the half of the set time passes, the refund may make 50-70% of the initial price of the order.
  • If Client requests cancellation after we assign a writer and less than the half of the set time passes, but the writer completes a part of the order, only 50% refund is possible.
  • If Client requests cancellation after we assign a writer, but more than the half of the set time passes, the refund may make up to 30% of the initial price of the order.
  • If Client requests cancellation, but the order is fully completed, no refund is possible.
  • If Client requests to cancel the order that is not completed despite the expired deadline through Client’s fault (e.g., Client did not reply on time), 100% refund is not possible. The paid sum can be stored as a credit for the next order. Or Client may contact Dispute Manager to solve the issue individually.
  • If Client received the completed order but wants a refund, he/she should contact Dispute Manager and provide valid evidence concerning such request. The dispute can be open within the first 10 days after the first delivery of the order. After Client opens the dispute, he/she should stay in touch with Dispute Manager during the entire process. In case Client does not contact Dispute Manager within this time, we consider that Client approves the completion of the order and has no complaints about it.
  • If Client detects any plagiarism in the received paper, he/she should immediately contact Dispute Manager and provide the proof of plagiarism: either a Turnitin report, which is the officially recognized proof of plagiarism, or a university professor’s report. As soon as we receive the required document, our Dispute Manager very carefully examines the issue and suggests the best individual solution to it.

We do each paper in a flawless manner and check each paper carefully via a special plagiarism detection program, but 100% correct results can be provided only by Turnitin. PLEASE BEWARE: you should not use your university Turnitin checker yourself. The completed paper will be uploaded to the checker’s database, and the paper’s content gets entirely copied by the Turnitin system. Each next check will show 100% similarity. The completed paper can be checked via Turnitin only once. That is why we recommend that you should not use this program yourself if you know that your professor or instructor will check the paper via it.

Client can order our version of the Turnitin report (the content of the paper will not be saved to the Turnitin’s database) for the additional price. Please contact Support Team if you would like to use this option.

PLEASE MIND: if you detect any plagiarism in the paper you received from us, you can open the dispute at any time. We care about our clients and their reputation. That is why providing each client with 100% unique content is our company’s top priority.

  • If Client selects any additional option when placing the order (e.g. writer’s samples, editor’s service, the Turnitin report, a 1-page summary), no refund for any of them is possible. However, Client can get the partial refund of the writer’s category option if this writer is not assigned to work on the order. Otherwise, no refund is possible either.

Our Support Team is available 24/7. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our client support managers whenever it is convenient for you.

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